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Whether you are a person with a disability, someone who has just had surgery, or simply a person suffering with joint issues, your lift chair makes getting up and down easier. When your lift chair malfunctions, your life is made more difficult than it should be.

Our lift chair repair team is here for you. We can diagnose your chair’s issues right in your own home.

Here are the most common calls that we receive when it comes to these helpful pieces of furniture:

No Power - If your chair no longer has power, there may be something malfunctioning in the motor. There could also be a simple connection problem. No matter what it is, our technicians will find it and fix it.

No More Lift - Your chair is rising but then it stops. You return it to a seated position and try again. If your chair isn’t rising to its full height, there is something wrong. Call our lift chair repair team today!

Volume - Your once quiet chair is all of a sudden making a deafening racket when you hit the power button. We can diagnose the problem with your chair and return it to whisper-quiet operation.

Like any motorized tool or object, there are many things that can go wrong with your lift chair. Our lift chair repair technicians are standing by in San Diego to assist you. From diagnosing problems to making major repairs, our expert technicians are happy to help you. Give us a call today!